Refreshing Security Join Tables

To refresh security join tables, use the Nightly SJT Refresh Process component (SCRTY_SJTDLY_RC), Refresh Trans. SJT tables component (SCRTY_SJT_RC), the Refresh SJT_CLASS_ALL component (SCRTY_OPR_RC), and the Refresh SJT_OPR_CLS component (SCRTY_OPRCLS_RC).

PeopleBook (PeopleSoft Enterprise HRMS 9.1 Application Fundamentals PeopleBook > Setting Up and Administering HRMS Security) describes when to use the refresh processes and discusses how to:

* Run the nightly refresh process.
* Run the transaction security join table refresh process.
* Run the Refresh SJT_CLASS_ALL process.
* Run the Refresh SJT_OPR_CLS process.

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