T&L Inactive Time Reporter appears twice on calendar timesheet views (HRMS8.9/9.0)

On the Daily, Weekly and Monthly Time Calendar View the Inactive Time Reporters have two duplicate rows.

When Employee is Active in Job Data, but Inactivate as Time Reporter there are two rows displayed in the Calendar View.

When Employee is Inactivated in Job Data and Inactive as Time Reporter, too there is only one row displayed in Calendar Views.

The conclusion can be: when an employee has been inactivated the reactivate in TL_EMPL_DATA multiple rows with doubled hours appear in the calendar view. Employees that have never had an inactive row in TL_EMPL_DATA only display one row with the correct hours.

This issue was fixed in METALINK's incident #1386651000 - Monthly Time Calendar displaying multiple rows for employees. The fix was delivered in HRMS 8.9 Bundle #8 on 06/12/2006 and in HRMS 9.0 Bundle #2 on 07/09/07.

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